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February 2019

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Want to Take CBD Oil While Pregnant or Breastfeeding?

CBD’s have effects in regard to the following typical conditions that many pregnant women are faced with during pregnancy: • Postpartum blues • Premature contractions • Back ache • Chronic pain relief • Morning sickness • Vomiting and Nausea   Click Here to read the full article for a detailed explanation on each topic above, as well as taking CBD oil while breast feeding.

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More Details About Our CBD Oil

We Offer Full Spectrum oil and a THC Free isolate oil. Flavors Natural, peppermint, and cinnamon Strengths We offer 500mg and 750mg. The strength refers to the amount of CBD in 30ml (approx. 1000 drops per bottle) which divides out to .5 per drop and .75 per drop respectively. How do you know which to get? If you have pain/discomfort over a 5 on a scale of 1-10, then get the 750mg. If it’s 5 and below, get the 500mg. For chronic conditions, I typically suggest 750mg. Pricing The 500mg is $69+s/h each and the 750mg is $89+s/h. How much

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Water Soluble

There is a ton of buzz about water soluble, nano-infused CBD oils! My oil is not Water-soluble. Nor would you want that. Right??? Here’s why: First, even when you mix oil and water together they still separate. The oil always floats to the top because it is less dense than water.  Oil and water do not mix because water molecules are more attracted to each other than to oil molecules. What does this all mean when it comes to CBD?? Water-soluble just means it dissolves in water and it’s not stored in the body; think vitamin C For example, if


CBD Detox

Did you know that when starting CBD there can actually be detox period??? It is very common… so, please do not panic and keep going!!!! This detox process is called, ‘The Herxheimer Reaction’ – Feeling Worse Before Feeling Better! The Herxheimer Reaction is a short-term (from days to a few weeks) detoxification reaction in the body. As the body detoxifies, it is not uncommon to experience flu-like symptoms including headache, joint and muscle pain, body aches, sore throat, general malaise, sweating, chills, nausea or other symptoms. (Worst case scenario.) This is a completely normal — and even healthy ????% —


CBD Competitor Comparison

????Labels, Ingredients, Transparency & Value all count!???? Savvy shoppers do their homework and will purchase a product that meets their requirements for authenticity and value. Our competitors don’t always provide adequate information on their label or website to the ingredients and strength.???? Without FDA regulation supplement companies can get away with this lack of transparency, but there is no way that will work for me when I’m buying for my kids!????‍????‍????‍???? Exact milligrams per bottle, a complete list of organic ingredients, 3rd party lab testing and a 30 day empty bottle return policy and we are still less expensive than