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WOW!!! Another Update On Oliver!!!

This is my son, Oliver… you have seen his progress along the way! He typically falls a part on picture day! Part of his HFASD comes with the anxiety of a ton of kids in the room, it’s hot and flashing lights! His SPD goes in over drive! THIS IS AMAZING!!! I love how CBD oil is changing his life!! He is smiling and wearing a color! Holla!!!

CBD, Oliver, Testimonial,

Look at My Boy!!!

This is a VICTORY in our corner! My son started taking CBD oil in July… we have seen countless doctors, therapists, psychiatrists, blah, blah, blah… with zero resolution! I had enough! He had a enough! My son is HF autistic, ODD, OCD, and SP! Basically, it has been a struggle! I have been advocating with local legislators and in DC for my years now! With CBD oil… very little ticking/stemming, making eye contact, talking no melt downs [SHUT UP, Right!], and even is seeking affection for the first time! He is not taking full spectrum either… THC free!!! I want