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Another Great Testimonial!

“So I’ve been holding off with our experience until my husband went to his doctor. Today he went and his Dr was super pleased with how much progress he’s had so far! My husband has had severe skin issues, since we got together 12 years ago, but has progressively gotten worse. He’s tried the pills, and the creams. Either they didn’t work at all or they worked for a little but then it would come right back. We were literally at a loss. But my friend had talked about Hempworx and added me to this page. I am not gonna

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Real and Raw with Roo

If you have not figured it out by now… I talk raw and real life! I am not someone who will sugar some fantasy to you because, I know pain and see it first hand daily in my home. I love CBD oil, my passion ignites knowing I can help others live their best life! Some questions, I get a lot is about the business side of CBD are, “is it legit” or “is your CBD better than…”, or “can I really make money”??? Now, with all of these new company’s launching with CBD, I’m over here looking at the

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WOW!!! Another Update On Oliver!!!

This is my son, Oliver… you have seen his progress along the way! He typically falls a part on picture day! Part of his HFASD comes with the anxiety of a ton of kids in the room, it’s hot and flashing lights! His SPD goes in over drive! THIS IS AMAZING!!! I love how CBD oil is changing his life!! He is smiling and wearing a color! Holla!!!

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Look at My Boy!!!

This is a VICTORY in our corner! My son started taking CBD oil in July… we have seen countless doctors, therapists, psychiatrists, blah, blah, blah… with zero resolution! I had enough! He had a enough! My son is HF autistic, ODD, OCD, and SP! Basically, it has been a struggle! I have been advocating with local legislators and in DC for my years now! With CBD oil… very little ticking/stemming, making eye contact, talking no melt downs [SHUT UP, Right!], and even is seeking affection for the first time! He is not taking full spectrum either… THC free!!! I want