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The Pechoti Method

Did you know some of my customers take their CBD oil through their belly button??? Yup!! It’s called the Pechoti method. Pechoti Gland is the gland to the umbilical cord for a fetus so it’s a great spot to absorb nutrients from the oil. It’s a common method for delivering medication, especially when there’s a stomach virus or something wrong with the absorption in the intestinal tract.????????  

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CBD Pet Dosages

 ????Got Pets??????? Why is hemp beneficial for you pets??? They are family!! The CBD in hemp and the THC in marijuana act on different pathways of the body, yet they have many of the same medicinal benefits. According to a 2013 review published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, CBD has the following medical properties: • Reduces nausea and vomiting • Suppresses seizure activity • Acts as an anti-inflammatory • Alleviates pain and pain-related disorders • Fights anxiety and depression • Acts as a powerful antioxidant Best of all, with CBD oil derived from hemp, you do not have

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CBD Kid Dosages

I understand the challenge of considering taking CBD oil! I researched for almost 2 years! I was at my wits end! I was told that I was dying… that I may have 6 months to live! I endured 7 surgeries! Through it all, I could only think of my children. What will happen to them? Will I be able to leave them with enough money to be cared for? Will they hear every word, I share with them! Who will take care of them, especially Oli? He was struggling immensely with his own battles! How could I leave this all