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Summer Sneezing?

Spring is here and that means seasonal Sneezes for some of us! Eek! ???? Full Spectrum ???????????? oil has been proven to be an effective alternative during allergy season. Renew & Relief Cream are fantastic topicals for skin related itching or redness! ???????????? could help with the following… itchiness altered breathing skin irritation help relieve sinus pressure head discomfort stuffiness help remove mucus help clear sinus passageways itchy/puffy eyes nausea red, inflamed skin Ask me for more info on using natural preventive care with my ????????????.

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Today’s topic is ENERGY!!! Are you drinking multiple cups of coffee? Tea??? Caffeinated drinks to keep you going?? We need to talk about CBD oil and how it can increase your energy levels!! Endocannabinoid System Modulation for a Healthy Gut and Brain are important to help with ENERGY levels! Modern science has now identified the integral role of the human microbiome in immune function, energy production and preservation, brain function and disease and so much more. Now the breaking news is that the endocannabinoid system plays an integral role in GI function and brain health. The first indication of this

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Coffee…the Anti-Bitch Serum

How do you like your coffee? . . . . I like mine Filled with:  My favorite oil Chaga mushrooms   Rich in B-complex vitamins  Zinc  Fiber  Vitamin D  Potassium  Amino acids …and other important phytonutrients ‍♀️ Did you know? Premium Chaga has been known to support a healthy liver, promote healthy blood sugar levels, support healthy digestion and boost energy! Plus, our creamers are amazing!! It’s the best way to start my day!